Frequently asked questions

Can I pick up or drop off Equipment myself?

Yes. We will securely pack your items for easy travel to your event location. For large orders, we do offer Delivery for an additional fee.

What if there is Loss/Damage to Rentals?

Under a normal rental contract, the customer is responsible for returning all items in the same condition as they were rented. The Customer will be liable for loss or damage done to the equipment. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

How long is each Rental Period?

Weekend Rental= Friday am to Monday (noon) One Week Rental= 7 day period If more time is needed that can be arranged.

Can I get delivery tomorrow?

Yes, in most cases you can pick up your items the next day. We cannot guarantee delivery without a weeks notice. Please do keep in mind that early morning delivery times fill up quickly and may not be available.

How long can I rent Catering Supplies/Equipment for ?

We allow one week rentals for most items to be returned. All dishes and glassware must be cleaned and sanitized upon return. For and broken or damaged dishes, customer will be responsible.

Do you provide Bartending and Wait Staff?

Bartenders: $75.00 for 4-hours Wait staff, servers, dishwashers, set-up and/or clean-up crew: $15.00 per hour.

Is your Design team available to work my event?

If our team is available and booked in advance, yes there are team members that can set up for you for an additional fee.